At Kurner Mining Group we look to our values to drive our business and guide decision making. We intentionally focus on elements of sustainability within each of our values, ensuring these practices are woven into the fabric of our organization. This drives us toward our purpose of Making Life Better for the Mining Industry.

A Heart for People

We are a people company, that performs mining services. We are building a team that feels like a family, holding each other ruthlessly accountable for our collective well-being.

Training & Development

Using a long-term mindset, we recognize the value of training and educating our field employees to understand not only technical aspects of their jobs, but also the purpose of their work.

Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of Miners

With mining considered an aging industry, Turner Mining Group sees an opportunity to create sustainability through fostering young talent.

Supporting Local Communities

We understand the importance of supporting the communities we work in, and we do our part to secure local housing close to the site and make purchases in the surrounding area.

A Mind for Innovation

We No thought left behind. We relentlessly pursue innovative ways to get the job done that change our industry. No process is set in stone.

Operational Efficiency

We source equipment from local dealers, renting and leasing most frequently, to ensure that we are using newer equipment that will generate the most efficient outcome.

Optimization through Technology

We are continuously sourcing solutions that result in more sustainable practices and less impact on the environment.

Growing Strategically

We are taking a holistic approach to the growth and prosperity of our company to ensure stability and positive impact over time.

An Eye for Safety

We believe that doing the job safely, IS doing the job productively. We go to extremes—big and small—to ensure we remain a trusted partner and employer.

Emphasis on Doing the Right Thing

When it comes to making life better for the mining industry, the safety of our teammates is paramount.

Environmental Safety

Implementing environmental controls to eliminate hazards as well as proper response to spills, waste disposal and clean up.

Diligent Reclamation

We pride ourselves in restoring mine sites to their original condition, or better, to ensure future benefit to society.